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04 January 2016 @ 04:40 pm

Hello! Everybody!~ This journal is now friend lock. Mostly downloadable post are now locked! Journal post, Fanfiction post, Fanart Post, Icon post shouldn't be locked unless I put it on locked!

Either way, 
My name is Annie (: 
I am Vietnamese, I love K-POP, Utattemita, manga/anime, visual novel games, musics, and arts. Plus, I'm a yaoi lover, and i love to write stories. I'm learning how to use my tablet and learning how to draw anime figures! I'm also playing a yaoi visual novel game called Dramatical Murder.My favorite anime/manga currently are Kuroko no Basuke, Katekyo Hitman Reborn, D.Gray-Man, 07 Ghost, Junjou Romantica, Fairy Tail, and Sekaicchi Hatsukoi! I'm at my own pace in writing stories, but my brain seems to produce ideas faster than when I write. 
For me to accept you as a friend, ....
What do you like?
Tell me something about yourself beside what you like!

You can either comment or message me!
WARNING: Reshare or reupload my albums, I'll stop sharing! This goes to everybody, except for 2 person, and you know who you are! My Wifey and Chika-chan xD. 
Or you can just add me, and somehow we can know each other!

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06 November 2012 @ 06:37 pm
School was okayish. I got into the mode to draw draw draw. Drawing mood *A* in anime club today. It was quite relaxing, if you don't count the loud noises people made. But either way, this is the first time anime club was kind of productive.. I managed to draw 8 chibis *A*. I texted and went on twitter throughout my whole Spanish 2 Class and the sub didn't really care actually. I worry a lot for my Spanish 2 Class. My teacher hasn't been here for 3-4 weeks already.. //sigh. Maybe I should start drawing more instead of texting. That would work. 

I finally got a new phone that doesn't lag a lot and stops the application. It was pretty exciting. A samsung galaxy Note 2 that is~ I love the stylus. I mainly use my note 2 for texting, drawing, and reading. LOL. Though my mom finally let me text on my phone! ^O^ Third day and I already texted like over 1,000. That's quite a lot to me too. But glad I have unlimited ^O^. 
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Eh.. It's been a long time since I posted. School's been catching up to me. Waking at 5:42 is tiring even though I get to go home early. I joined the National Art Honor Society~ ^O^. I been recently more on twitter. I sometime feel like an outcast but I feel happy there too. People on TL also became like another family to me. 

I'm going to my first anime convention soon in 2013! Anime Matsuri~ Its at Hyatt Hotel this year in Houston xD. Closer, but I would have prefer if it was in the Woodlands. Mainly for the parking space. I'm going to meet up with some of my TL friends c: and probably help my friend sell! Though my Anime Club is also planning to go to Anime Matsuri~  Most likely going there for a day!

Birthday coming up and I'm honestly not that excited. Maybe its just me. I never was that excited for birthday ever since my friend decided to ditch my birthday party for their friends but bleh. I'm pretty content with just knowing my own birthday.

I've been tired of school lately. Meh, dealing with bipolar friends and a romance conflict that is between my 2 best friend. Honestly, I don't know who to side anymore. I am given with 2 totally different point of view. And even with that, I understand it but the conflict is just... so stupid. One main is the girl in love is willing to sacrifice a friend, best friend, for a guy she obsess with. Plus, that guy has a girlfriend.. I just felt disappointed when she told me that she made her best friend not to be friend with him. Hello? You can't just control a person life. And I'm tired of people who cheating off my answers just because I'm Asian and its getting on my nerve. Please, I can be dumb too. Though I also said no, people put off that I'm an asshole.. Wow. 

Anime club tomorrow... I hope its not disorganize seriously... We could never actually do anything in there. And the Vice President doesn't understand the concept of Anime Art Commission... OTL. I seriously told the officers we need to start on like an art assignment. Like have a theme of Autumn or Festival? Nope she just brush it off. Funny how she said she wanted everybody to have a art assignment to do....  and the friendly art competition. The officers are just horseplaying with the members and I'm just like.. Why can't we act proper for our age. There are classroom that are doing tutorials.. 
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06 October 2012 @ 09:40 am
School's going quite fine I guess. I finally raise up my geometry and biology grade but my Journalism grade dropped LOL Hmm i went from an 87 in geometry to a 98! 11 POINTS raise <3 (: As for Biology, I went from an 88 to a 101. LOL. 13 points raise :D My journalism dropped a point. yeah. LOL. 96 to a 95. It's funny how I'm the one who always hate going up in front of the class and present my projects. I swear. And in the end, I'm the only one with good grades. Like seriously, I got a 100 while others got 95 and below.. OTL

Anime Club. I'm really a thick-headed. I should have never joined. LOL. I was even warned by a lot of friends. Anime Club is a pain in the ass in my first year of highschool *SOBS* I prefer my anime club from middle school even if they were rowdy. I got the position Secretary of State in the officer group.

And the Secretary guy.... amg. He asked me out. LOL. through facebook. yeah. Unromantic. and he would talk to me every single day. calling me cute and everything. and it honestly made me feel very uncomfortable. He even breathed down my neck once and dfdkjhsg let just say my guy friends became overportective. (fake-brother complex) And my guy friends claim the dude a pedophile... or the way he acts. Then finally like 4 days later, I rejected him. And now, he asking out my friend. LOL. Pretty much, the people that knows him said he always do that to almost every girl he meets because he also ask them out before and everything. Me and my friend are like.... Desperate for a girlfriend much?

I have a fever on Thursday, Friday, and hopefully not today. It went up to a 103.5F or 39.5C I was shivering like crazy. Maybe it just me, but I honestly get a fever when the weathers goes from hot to cold to hot to cold... My mom yesterday made me breathe in boiled mint medicine. Fun c:
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11 September 2012 @ 06:36 pm
The days been going faster oddly for some reason. Or Maybe that just me. I'm happy now a days i get to go home at 2:30PM instead of 3:55PM LOL but waking up in the morning is like I'm a dead person! Gladly on Wednesday, I get to go home an hour early!~ So instead of 2:30 I get to go home at 1:30PM~

I'm slowly getting used to my new high school. I still get the option to choose what high school I want to go. Between Kerr and Taylor. My parent seems pretty happy that I'm in Taylor instead of Kerr now too. I guess Kerr.. its like college. They don't teach you anything at all except for rarely seminar session. And a LOT of packets. I like packets though. LOOL. Its in my gene to love writing on anything. 

My parent freaks out that I'm gonna start sleeping near 11:00PM LOL //shot. Man I wonder about 12 and 1 AM..

Now a days I guess, I'm actaully happy that I'm in Taylor. I made some friends that are pretty funny and cool and some who decides to be my friend though our interest are nothing a like. And I make lots of guys friends too :D Its so weird my middle school friends from Kerr I guess are kinda stranger to me starting when they had a weird ass attitude towards me cause I went to 'Taylor.' Plus, one of my best friend, I'll just name her Sa. She is obsess with one of my guy friend lie literally. For some reason its weirds me out cause she cries on the bus seeing him... and yeah. Typical. Plus the poor guy has a gf too.

Now me and him are like the best of buds. LOOOL. We sit together at lunch, he walks me to class, picks me up from class. He ditch me today after school which i had to stay behind school being scared... Called him and he told me he was so sorry and everything and talked to me the whole time till my dad picked up. So sweet (: <3

I joined the Asian club and the National Art Honor Society. Suppose to help out with Student Council today but I ditched it... yeah LOL Going on Thursday!~

Now to do my homework that i'm starting to get lazy for. 

My Communication Application Teacher.. LOL. Our tets is tomorrow and he giving us the question LOL //shot
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07 September 2012 @ 04:19 pm

Hey everybody~ *waves* 
So the first and second week of school has started for me. Also the first year of when I'm in highschool, So I'm a freshman or fishies~ 

I was actually real excited for school but I'm not really sure if I'm now ish. I'm more of depress and just not me.
I guess it might be that I don't have most middle school friends here with me so I'm stuck with this jerk and my ex-bf. 
Plus I don't like my schedule at all too //sobs. I just guess that's how high school is. 

1st period - Journalism I
2nd period - Pre-Ap Geometry
3rd period - Pre Ap English I
4th preriod - Pre Ap Word Geography
5th period - Spanish II
6th period - Pre-Ap Biology
7th period - Communication Applications (1/2 semester)

That's pretty much my schedule. I know my second semester class after Communication Application which is Principle of Art/Video Technology. How? By asking my teacher if they could print me another schedule that has all your classes for both first and second semester.

To say this, I'm truely disappointed. I've been waiting to get Art I for 2 years. In 8th grade and 9th grade. I truely wanted Art class but they put me in some class that not a required credits >< 

I finally joined a club. HOSA. Health Occupations Student of America. The poeple there are extremely nice. I'm planning to join the Art club and maybe the asian club!

Truthfully, I'm not sure if I want to cry. Maybe I'm childish but maybe that just who I am. My old friends expects me to be a whole new person and expects me to be like it. I mean like, fuck off please. And they get all mad at me because of my school choice and who I made friends with. You know what, just shut the fuck up -.-

I finally made some new friends. Most of them are actually sophomore and juniors LOL. For some reason I can't make friends with some of my fellow freshman classes.. 

And speaking of which I got highly annoyed that one of my new friend that I would sit with lunch sometime with just went up to me and called me racist because I decided to go sit with my new friends from spanish class and that I'm ditching 'black people' I'm not ditching any black people cause i'm with a black people and some other people but I'm not racist. 

Hopefully the year will run more smoothly... I enjoy my day with Kuroko no Basuke and Magi now!~

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21 August 2012 @ 09:38 am
Hey everybody I'm back from the cruise ship since Sunday, 08.19
Too bad I only have this week till school starts and I haven't even read my summer reading book yet... LOL. 
I really don't wana read it though. Ender's Game.
Not too much in science fiction *sobbu*

Anyway, who heard or has anipan account? i made one since its officially not beta'd anymore xD. 
Add me? :O

'm not sure if its working. the picture that is. 
here the link
click me!

Ahh I can't believe im a freshman in highschool in a week!
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hiatus summer
08.12.12 to 08.19.12

I'm going on a Carnival Magic Cruise ship to West Point & Bahamas.
Not sure if I wanna play in the beach.
Though I do want to be like that girl on the picture just like that.
I heard there an art gallery <3
I'll miss all of you guys.
Gonna take pictures and post them here and twitter.
Hopefully I'll have fun~
Bye guys!~
Happy Summer <3 
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31 July 2012 @ 11:47 am
[1-28] .kuroko no basuke.
[29-58] .black wolves saga.
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20 July 2012 @ 02:14 pm
Hmm Chapter 174 of Kuroko no Basuke came up yesterday but I couldn't play on my laptop at night. Mommy got mad that I spend too much time on my laptop, so somehow I ended up painting her nail and her yelling at me that its horrible and shit, and i have no posture. I was gonna retort, I don't even know how to paint nails like a pro like you. But then that like a death end for me. I don't need my mom mad at me... for a week or two. 

I use to always make her mad every 2 months or so.. LOL. I'm a bad girl derp. Cutting my own hair. Hiding my itouch somewhere when I got caught. derp. 

Anyway, I read Chapter 174 yesterday on my iTouch. and I was squealing at the end when they finally show Akashi Seijuro, the ex captain of The Generation of Miracles, whose currently in Rakuzan High. The way he crossed his arm and his expression. It just like expressing, 'I'm the boss.' and now my Tumblr is spam with him. oh dear. and Akashi and his " Since I always win, I'm always right." quote is just... orz.

Anyway, I did a lineart of him. out of boredom. yes. and now coloring him *A*. The lineart, I had a hard time seeing his hair strands. It so jumbled up... orz. So i did my best *A*.  But lineart for clothes are surprisingly easy.


Unfinished Color Version here.Collapse )
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